Photos From Super Bowl I

Saw a mention of Life Magazine’s rare photos from the first Super Bowl and was taken aback by how much is different about the NFL today. Sure, the sight of Len Dawson grabbing a smoke and a Fresca during halftime is something else, but look at how small those guys are compared to what we saw in the NFL this year! Is it any wonder why head injuries seem to be getting worse instead of better? The field is still exactly the same size, but the players are taking up much more of that space and traveling at faster speeds. That’s not a safe combination for the NFL, or the NHL for that matter.

Aside from that commentary though, the pictures are pretty cool.

Congrats Seattle!

I know everyone will make jokes and hurl plenty of blame at Peyton Manning, but at the end of the day, sometimes you have these kinds of games. It was a Super Bowl blowout in the tradition of SF-Denver, Chicago-NE, Dallas-Buffalo, OAK-Wash, Wash-Denver, and so on. The story was basically the same in all of those, and it was repeated tonight.

When you’re up against an aggressive, attacking, defense, and you fall behind early, the game can turn ugly real quick. If the game situation turns you into a one-dimensional offense, even with Peyton Manning running it, that defense is going to turn you over, force you into mistakes, and the rout will be on.

Throw in a special teams score, and some poor tackling in the second half by Denver’s defense, and you end up with a 43-8 score.

It happens. Unfortunately for the Broncos, and everyone hoping to watch a good game, it happened in the biggest game of the year.

So what were the best commercials? That’s worth discussing. Personally, I wasn’t overly impressed. There were a few cute ones, (Radio Shack, Doberhuahua, Full House reunion) but I didn’t see any that I thought we’d still be talking about for years to come. You?