Syracuse Latest School to Fire It’s Football Coach

That’s the news this morning and after 3-9 last season and 3-8 so far this year, it’s hard to argue with the decision. Syracuse football has become a complete after thought in the ACC, let alone nationally.

But, before I get too excited about a new coach as a Syracuse fan, I can’t help but notice that there are a lot of opening this year, already, and quite a few of them would, quite frankly, be a much more attractive place to coach than Syracuse is right now. Yes, there are some up and coming coaches out there, but do you really think the Cuse position compares to USC, South Carolina, Missouri, and the other Power 5 teams that will be looking for new coaches next year? Heck, I’d even put Illinois, Rutgers and Minnesota right above Syracuse in terms of attractive jobs, and probably have Iowa State right alongside Syracuse, let alone the possibility that some others could be let go after disappointing seasons at the end of the year.

That is a lot of open spots for a few “star” coaches. Not sure what Syracuse could do to make it more attractive to one of them, but let the speculation begin!



Are College Offenses Dangerous for QBs?

Ohio State football spring game 4-18-2015I don’t know, we’re two weeks in and the number of injured quarterbacks seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t?

In Week One, Syracuse and BYU both lost their starters to season-ending injuries, and Kansas State lost their starter for “awhile”, which most seem to think will be the season as well. This week, it appears that Notre Dame and South Carolina have lost their starters for the season. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech’s QB is out for  chuck of the season with a collarbone injury, an injury that also hit Wyoming this week, to their second string QB, because the starter got injured last week. Utah’s QB was on the bench for much of their game against Utah State, who had their QB limping around quite noticeably.

Have I missed any other teams with injured quarterbacks?

Last year, we all know Ohio State won with their third-string QB, which makes for a great story, but makes me wonder. Can anyone get through a full season with a dual threat QB, running the read-option, and not need a couple of quarterbacks? Truthfully, the system requires the quarterback to take a lot of hits. Those hits are going to lead to injuries sometimes. Is it getting to be enough that teams should just have two quarterbacks prepped to play, and is that even possible?

Or am I just noticing it because college football news is everywhere and we all know everything that happens in games all around the country now?

Reading – The Return of Marcus Lattimore

I was living in South Carolina during Marcus Lattimore’s final college season, and can remember distinctly how devastating the injury was, and how the entire state was shocked by it. He’s a good kid, and really everyone there loves him. Glad to see he is happy and doing some good things with his post-football life!

Oh, and for all the negative things that have been said about SC in the last few weeks, I know exactly what he means when he says he loves that state. I loved our time there as well.

The Return of Marcus Lattimore

The Inexplicable SEC

SEC logo photo

We’ve been told that the SEC West is the most amazing collection of great football teams ever. I’ve been skeptical of this claim for a while now, and this week provided more fodder. Here’s why:


  • Missouri beat Texas A&M to maintain their lead in the division.
    • Victories by other SEC West teams over A&M have been considered quality wins, but they currently stand 7-4 and do not seem like a good team
    • Missouri is 8-2, with a blowout lass to Georgia, and a home loss to Indiana. (INDIANA?????)
  • Georgia blows out Auburn
    • Yes, the same Georgia team that has inexplicable losses to South Carolina and Florida beat one of the “quality” West teams, badly.
  • LSU gets shut out by Arkansas
    • LSU, also one of those “quality” West teams, gets shutout by a team that had lost 17 straight SEC games and whose signature win this year is against 3-7 Texas Tech.

What to make of this? Perhaps, this is more evidence that Auburn, A&M and LSU really aren’t very good football teams.

Is that’s true, what does that say about Alabama, Mississippi State and Ole Miss?

State gained their #1 ranking in large part by beating LSU, A&M and Auburn is consecutive weeks. They got a lot of credit for a stretch against teams with a combined 21-11 record before finally losing at Alabama.

Ole Miss beat Alabama, which they deserve credit for, but losing to LSU and Auburn? Ugh.

Alabama seems to be the best team of the bunch, but it’s a fairly mediocre bunch, in my mind.

To be fair, however, every other conference in America is just as mediocre, and is being led by teams that don’t seem very good. This includes Florida State, who somehow has won a bunch of games they had no business winning. So I’m willing to admit the SEC is maybe the better collection of teams when compared to other conferences right now, but I think college football, in general, is pretty mediocre right now, full of wildly inconsistent teams. Maybe that’s the reality of kids leaving early and having to play at a younger age, or perhaps their all just point-shaving? 😉


Photo by Roger Smith

The Costs of NCAA Football

south carolina football stadium photo

Grantland today did a great job of documenting the sad tale of Marcus Lattimore. More importantly, Michael Baumann does a good job of documenting everything that Lattimore meant to South Carolina, all the money and prestige he brought to the program, and how after a couple of devastating knee injuries, he never played a down for the 49ers before retiring this week.

It reminded me of a conversation I had at Reser Stadium on Saturday night about Sean Mannion. Here’s a kid who had a pretty good shot at getting drafted relatively high last year, but decided to come back for his Senior year on the hopes that he could improve his stock a bit, set a few records and really dominate. In the mean time, Oregon State has his face on everything. They are using his pursuit of the Pac-12 career passing yardage record to sell tickets, jerseys, t-shirt and everything else they can.

By all accounts, here we have a good kid coming back to complete his education, leave the football program in a better place than he left it, and trying to really improve his game. Sean didn’t get injured, but poor offensive line play and injuries up and down the depth chart at receiver have led to a fairly poor season so far. It’s probably done more damage to his draft stock than anything else.

When we see stories like Lattimore, Mannion, David Ash at Texas, who quit football after getting concussions, and many others, you have to wonder, what’s the risk worth? How much money could Lattimore had made after his freshman year? Instead, he had to go back to South Carolina, got hurt and wound up making pennies on the dollar of what his value was before the injuries. South Carolina made mint off of Lattimore, but he saw none of it. Playing for the Gamecocks cost him his knee, and any NFL future, and he has nothing to show for it other than being a fan favorite in Columbia.

Somehow we’re supposed to believe that’s fair, because his tuition was paid for.

I don’t think so.

Photo by kmoliver