Link – Snapchat’s new SportsCenter show is missing something important: Actual NFL highlights – Recode

Well that seems less than ideal –

Turns out ESPN doesn’t have the rights to show NFL football inside Snapchat.

Look, I get ESPN wanted to be on Snapchat, and I could even see some cool things they could do with their own shows, but if you’re going to have a sports news and highlight show on Snapchat, you have to have the highlights. What’s the point of it without the highlights? Couldn’t I just launch the ESPN app, with the highlights? This seems like they are just throwing any old thing up on a social media platform just so they can say they are there. What’s the strategy behind that?

ESPN is flailing. The sports media world is going to look a lot different in a few years.

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Lessons in Lying

As someone who knows his limitations, including being a horrible liar, I try not to lie as much as possible, nor give myself anything to lie about.

Perhaps Josh Shaw might learn the same lesson?

The interesting thing about this whole story is the lessons it teaches about how not to lie.

1. Don’t make up such a preposterous story that people are going to want to repeat it. In this day and age, someone will know the truth, and if your lie gets spread around on social media, those who know will come forward.

2. If you’re in charge of the social media, or any type of media relations, for a team,  before you start spreading the story of your “hero” player, make double sure it’s actually true.

USC might not be as embarrassed about the story as Shaw is, but they look a little sloppy here.