Link – #DamWorthIt Earns National Award

Good for them. Oregon State should be proud.

This year’s recipient of the Civic Leaders Award is Oregon State’s #DamWorthIt campaign, led by current men’s soccer student-athlete Nathan Braaten and former gymnast Taylor Ricci. #DamWorthIt is a campaign designed by Braaten and Ricci for student-athletes in order to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health through education and awareness.


Link – #DamWorthIt Campaign at Oregon State focuses on mental health

Good for them. This is an important message for everyone, but to see college athletes, especially college athletes in the Pacific Northwest after the apparent suicide of a football player at Washington State, speaking out, can only help.

Oregon State athletes are leading a campaign to propel mental health awareness in college athletics into a national discussion.

Titled #DamWorthIt, the purpose of the initiative is to boost sensibilities of mental health in sports and remove the stereotype that athletes are invincible. The campaign is being pioneered by former Oregon State gymnast Taylor Ricci and current men’s soccer team member Nathan Braaten.


Link – Gary Andersen vowed he’d walk if he couldn’t win at Oregon State — and he just walked

This doesn’t say much about the possibility of getting Oregon State football turned around.

Andersen also reiterated that if he didn’t believe he could win at Oregon State he would pull the unprecedented move of tearing up his contract and letting the Beavers go free. And that appears to be what happened today in Corvallis in an announcement that shocked the campus.

It’s a rough job, no doubt. It’s a football program with absolutely no pedigree, in a city where there is nothing but the university, far away from the bright lights. Corvallis doesn’t even have an airport. The closest one is in Eugene, the nearest major one is Portland, a good two-hour drive. It’s a stadium with less than 50,000 seats, that still rarely sells out.

I enjoyed the time we spent living in Corvallis, but if I was there on an official visit, and compared it to just about every other Power 5 conference school? Um, yeah. I don’t think so.

Still, good on Coach Anderson for not holding the school hostage, and good luck Oregon State. You’re going to need it.