Link – Ohio State football: Nothing wrong with Denzel Ward’s decision to skip Cotton Bowl

I agree, getting hurt in a bowl game could cost a kid millions of dollars. All to play in a game that really doesn’t mean anything. What is the real-world difference between Ohio State or USC winning this game?

It’s not nothing, but it’s not a whole lot either. We should let these guys who’ve made a ton of money for their programs decide for themselves if it’s worth the risk.


Link – Dabo Swinney says talking Urban Meyer uncertainty may have helped recruit Jackson Carman

So at the end of the day even dear, sweet, Mr. “Aww shucks” himself will get down in the mud and play dirty if it means getting a prized recruit.

“Dabo Swinney said he may have discussed Ohio State coach Urban Meyer’s future with five-star recruit Jackson Carman as part of the recruiting process, and Carman said the suggestion that Meyer might not stay with the Buckeyes much longer was a factor in his decision to sign with the Tigers on Wednesday.”

Major college football is a dirty business, there aren’t any innocents.

Photo by Ken Lund


Link – Winning the Big Ten Championship Doesn’t Resonate Like It Once Did – And That’s a Shame

From Urban Meyer’s press conference Sunday afternoon:

“A sign of the times, it wasn’t until the eighth of ninth question of the session that Meyer was asked specifically about winning a Big Ten championship roughly 15 hours earlier. “

Now, the article goes on to talk about the significance of winning the conference championship, and that’s interesting, but I want to talk about the larger point here, and that is that college football has changed. The public is obsessed with the playoff. The entire season is now about who is going to get in, and once we’ve got that done, the rest of it didn’t, and doesn’t matter.

Football attendance at non Power-5 conferences is down. Bowl ratings and attendance for non-playoff games are down, the media in Columbus is asking draft eligible players if they’ll even bother to play the in Cotton Bowl. From what I hear, the Buckeyes are having trouble selling tickets to the game, all because at the end of the day, it’s nothing but a glorified exhibition game. Sure, USC and Ohio State should be a good game. It’s a game that pits two storied programs against each other, being played in Texas on national TV.

It’s also, due to the ridiculous bowl scheduling we now have, being played on a Friday night. Not on New Year’s Day, not on a weekend, but on a day most of us have to work. It’s no wonder they’re having trouble drumming up a lot of interest.

It’s also no wonder so many decent coaches are being fired. If you’re not in playoff contention, what’s the point?

The NCAA did this to itself. By creating the media frenzy that is the playoff, they’ve relegated everything else about Division 1-A college football to second-class status. College football fans aren’t going to fork out money and attention for second-class teams and games. It’ll only get worse from here.


Thad Matta Out At Ohio State

That’s the news this afternoon. Seems extremely odd for a school to fire their basketball coach in June. If they were unhappy with the results why not right at the end of the season when everyone else did it and starting hiring new coaches? 

What are we missing? What does Athletic Director Gene Smith have up his sleeve for the program? 

I guess we’ll see. Matta had a lot of success in his OSU career, but the results over the last couple of seasons have been lackluster, and the roster really hasn’t had the talent fans had gotten used to either. Is that due to  kids leaving early and Matta not being prepared for it, misses in recruiting or coaching? Who knows, but at the end of the day that all falls under Matta. You have to get all of that right to stay competitive year after year in the NCAA. 

It’s a tough job. 

Best of luck Coach. 

Link – Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott named NFL Rookie of the Year by PFWA

GreatnessWonder how often Ohio State will be sending this to recruits? 😉

“Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott took Offensive Rookie of the Year, while Chargers pass rusher Joey Bosa won the defensive honor. Elliott had the second-best rushing performance by a rookie in NFL history with his 1,631 yards, falling just short of Eric Dickerson’s 1,808. The Cowboys back also added 15 touchdowns on the ground, and one receiving.

On the other side of the ball, Bosa was an easy choice with his 10.5 sacks in 12 games. Bosa missed the start of the season due to a contract dispute and a minor hamstring injury, but was worth the wait. “