One Week Down

Field View from Press BoxSo, after Ohio State thrashed Bowling Green by 67 on Saturday, I had occasion to be out and about over the weekend in my Buckeye t-shirt. A person passing by us along the coast made a comment to the effect of “they really whaled this week, eh?”.

My response was the only response you can have when you’re a college football fan. “One week down”. Because, as good as Ohio State looked against BG, it was just one week. Next week you have to do it all over again against Tulsa, and then you have a trip to Oklahoma and then the Big Ten season, and on and on.

If this week taught us anything about college football, it’s that week one is exactly that, week one. A lot of teams aren’t playing as smoothly as they will later in the season, a couple paid a pretty big price for it, but it’s only one week. Even Oklahoma, LSU and Notre Dame aren’t dead yet, but they might want to get it turned around quickly. One loss might not end playoff hopes, but two early ones are going to be near impossible to overcome.

One thing that week one definitely tells us, as it does nearly every year, is that no one knows anything going into that first preseason poll. What, exactly did voters base those votes on? Week one sure didn’t play out the way the polls had it, did it? Why do we even bother?

After one week, my way too early playoff prediction? Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, Houston but there’s a lot of football to be played before we figure out who the best 4 teams truly are.

Link – Notre Dame Linebacker Jaylon Smith Failed Medically By “Multiple” Teams

“Smith was one of the best players in college football this year. He was an absolute missile on the field and easily the best linebacker in this year’s draft class. But the injury he suffered is almost identical to what running back Marcus Lattimore dealt with, and the former South Carolina running back never recovered before retiring without ever playing an NFL game.”

A reminder to something I said at the time. This injury occurred in a meaningless bowl game. Sure, the trip to Phoenix is nice for the team, but for potential high draft picks on their way out of college playing in a non-playoff game, this is a possibility. A top-5 pick can go anywhere he darn well pleases on vacation. Smith’s career may be over before it starts. I hope not, for his sake.

Notre Dame Linebacker Jaylon Smith Failed Medically By “Multiple” Teams

Survive and Advance – Ohio State Wins Ugly

BrutusI don’t think any Ohio State fans can say that we are thrilled with the way the team is playing. The defending national champs dodged another bullet against Indiana this past weekend when a 4th-down pass was knocked away in the end zone in the final seconds. It’s not what anyone expected from this team, but they are 5-0, and after the carnage that took place in the Top 10 over the weekend, I think any Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Georgia or UCLA fan would trade places with OSU right now.

So, a win is a win and the Buckeyes are undefeated.

But this weekend did provide me with one extra thought about the apparent unpredictability of college football. It would appear that no one knows anything, but i truth, why should we expect anyone to? We base predictions, and in some cases bet quite a lot of money, on a bunch of 18-20 year old kids. How predictable were you at that age? How consistently did you live up to your potential at that age? How many times did you waltz through an exam or other responsibility?

Yeah, exactly. Maybe we shouldn’t take too much stock in relying on young kids to be their best and always stay focused each and every week of the season.


More College Football Ridiculous Conclusions After Week 2

cropped-IMG_0290.jpgBecause nothing says sports fan like making judgements based on two games:

  • Ohio State’s offense was horrible against Hawaii, and they still won 38-0.
  • Do not let BYU hang around late in a game. Just don’t.
  • Auburn could just as realistically be 0-2 as they are 2-0.
  • Les Miles on the road might have a big lead, but it’s coming down to the last play and we all know it. Tune in late.
  • Notre Dame’s schedule + lost starting QB and RB is a lot to overcome, even for Touchdown Jesus.
  • Will Tennessee ever turn the corner?
  • Vernon Adams had a lot of hype when he transferred to Oregon, but he’s not Marcus Mariota.
  • Michigan State gets deserved credit for beating Oregon, but Oregon is not the same team they were last season.
  • Here in Corvallis, it’s going to be a very long year. Who would have thought there would be a PAC-12 team that can’t throw the ball?
  • Is Michigan back? They beat the worst team in the PAC-12 at home, let’s not get cocky Wolverine fans.
  • Syracuse beat Wake after I predicted without Terrell Hunt they’d go winless in the ACC. This is why I do not make predictions.
  • Bret Bielema deserves every bit of social media mocking he got this weekend. Take care of your own business before you start yapping Bret, why have you not learned this yet?

What caught your eye this week?

Are College Offenses Dangerous for QBs?

Ohio State football spring game 4-18-2015I don’t know, we’re two weeks in and the number of injured quarterbacks seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t?

In Week One, Syracuse and BYU both lost their starters to season-ending injuries, and Kansas State lost their starter for “awhile”, which most seem to think will be the season as well. This week, it appears that Notre Dame and South Carolina have lost their starters for the season. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech’s QB is out for  chuck of the season with a collarbone injury, an injury that also hit Wyoming this week, to their second string QB, because the starter got injured last week. Utah’s QB was on the bench for much of their game against Utah State, who had their QB limping around quite noticeably.

Have I missed any other teams with injured quarterbacks?

Last year, we all know Ohio State won with their third-string QB, which makes for a great story, but makes me wonder. Can anyone get through a full season with a dual threat QB, running the read-option, and not need a couple of quarterbacks? Truthfully, the system requires the quarterback to take a lot of hits. Those hits are going to lead to injuries sometimes. Is it getting to be enough that teams should just have two quarterbacks prepped to play, and is that even possible?

Or am I just noticing it because college football news is everywhere and we all know everything that happens in games all around the country now?