Sports Irony as Durant Exits Playoffs

One definition of how ironic sports can be is watching Kevin Durant go out in the Western Conference Finals to the Spurs, who will go on to the NBA Finals. There in the NBA Finals, greeting them from the Heat bench, will be Greg Oden. 😉

Speaking of Finals, I’m just going to admit that I’m rooting for the Blackhawks in Game 7 for one reason only. Honestly, in the finals I’m obviously rooting against the Rangers first and foremost, but for the sake of my friends and fellow hockey fans back in Columbus, I hope it’s the Hawks. I’m not sure anyone deserves to have to watch Rick Nash and Jeff Carter (let alone Gaborik, Brassard, Dorsett, Moore, etc.) play against each other for the Cup after what they did to get out of Columbus.

Grantland Exclusive: Greg Oden on Why He Chose Miami

Grantland Exclusive: Greg Oden on Why He Chose Miami


GIF: Fan sinks half court shot, gets tackled by LeBron James.

There are so many things to dislike about Lebron, but how many NBA players would even be paying attention during this promotion, let alone get excited for the guy?