Link – Leonard Fournette Christian McCaffrey start trend skipping bowl game NFL draft

“”The reality is that the NFL doesn’t care,” one Power 5 college assistant coach said. “At the end of the day, it’s about taking the best player, and they don’t see that as a big negative the way a college coach sees it.”

Another Power 5 head coach summed it up this way: “For players who are going in the first round? This is just a start.””

This is just the start. I fully expect to see a Sophomore who dominates in college to simply sit for a year instead of risking injury sometime in the next few years.

Eventually, it’ll lead to what I’ve always argued for, actual minor league football instead of kids going to school and not getting paid.

Link – Leonard Fournette to focus on NFL draft, won’t play in Citrus Bowl

“A potential showdown between Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson and LSU running back Leonard Fournette in the Citrus Bowl isn’t happening. Fournette announced Friday he wouldn’t be participating in the game and will instead shift his focus to preparing for the NFL draft.”

Can we really blame anyone for skipping a meaningless bowl game, especially someone who has been injured a few times already?

Link – WATCH: Ben Simmons didn’t give a damn about school at LSU

His journey from the preps to the pros is being chronicled in “One & Done,” a Showtime series set to premiere Nov. 4. The latest trailer for the show highlights his dichotomous experience at LSU, during which he was once benched because of his academic struggles.

I have to be getting better every day,” said Simmons, who averaged 19.2 points, 11.8 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game in 2015-16. “I’m not worried about my oceanography class.”

Is there anything in sports more fraudulent that the one-and-done basketball phenomenon? The NBA age-limit created this monster, if I were the NCAA I’d be doing whatever I can to help someone who wants to challenge it. It’s not making college basketball better, that’s for sure.

One Week Down

Field View from Press BoxSo, after Ohio State thrashed Bowling Green by 67 on Saturday, I had occasion to be out and about over the weekend in my Buckeye t-shirt. A person passing by us along the coast made a comment to the effect of “they really whaled this week, eh?”.

My response was the only response you can have when you’re a college football fan. “One week down”. Because, as good as Ohio State looked against BG, it was just one week. Next week you have to do it all over again against Tulsa, and then you have a trip to Oklahoma and then the Big Ten season, and on and on.

If this week taught us anything about college football, it’s that week one is exactly that, week one. A lot of teams aren’t playing as smoothly as they will later in the season, a couple paid a pretty big price for it, but it’s only one week. Even Oklahoma, LSU and Notre Dame aren’t dead yet, but they might want to get it turned around quickly. One loss might not end playoff hopes, but two early ones are going to be near impossible to overcome.

One thing that week one definitely tells us, as it does nearly every year, is that no one knows anything going into that first preseason poll. What, exactly did voters base those votes on? Week one sure didn’t play out the way the polls had it, did it? Why do we even bother?

After one week, my way too early playoff prediction? Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, Houston but there’s a lot of football to be played before we figure out who the best 4 teams truly are.