Link – Here’s why Illinois, not Northwestern, has brutal Big Ten East crossover games in the future

This is a side-effect of conference conglomeration.

“The Big Ten on Wednesday released its football schedules for 2022-25, and not every fan base is thrilled with the division crossover games.

Take Illinois. The Illini appear to be have been dealt 2-7 against a pair of aces. They will face Penn State four times, Michigan and Michigan State twice and the following teams once: Ohio State, Maryland, Indiana and Rutgers.

Northwestern, meanwhile, gets Maryland four times, Ohio State and Indiana twice and Penn State, Rutgers, Michigan and Michigan State once.”

It’s simple. The more teams your conference has, the more each of those teams is not playing against equal competition. The Big Ten has seen this with Wisconsin over the last few years, who have a very good team, but the much easier road to winning their division than anyone in the East, assisted by not playing Ohio State, for example.

When the conference had 10 teams and 8 conference games, the team you didn’t play could have some effect on the conference championship. When it went to 11, 12 and then 14, that effect only grew. The more unbalanced the schedule becomes the more likely someone is going to win a conference championship without really having to face the toughest teams in their conference.

And unless you want to play 26 game seasons, and play everyone home and home, that’s just the way it is. It will never really be fair.

Syracuse Latest School to Fire It’s Football Coach

That’s the news this morning and after 3-9 last season and 3-8 so far this year, it’s hard to argue with the decision. Syracuse football has become a complete after thought in the ACC, let alone nationally.

But, before I get too excited about a new coach as a Syracuse fan, I can’t help but notice that there are a lot of opening this year, already, and quite a few of them would, quite frankly, be a much more attractive place to coach than Syracuse is right now. Yes, there are some up and coming coaches out there, but do you really think the Cuse position compares to USC, South Carolina, Missouri, and the other Power 5 teams that will be looking for new coaches next year? Heck, I’d even put Illinois, Rutgers and Minnesota right above Syracuse in terms of attractive jobs, and probably have Iowa State right alongside Syracuse, let alone the possibility that some others could be let go after disappointing seasons at the end of the year.

That is a lot of open spots for a few “star” coaches. Not sure what Syracuse could do to make it more attractive to one of them, but let the speculation begin!



Gator Fail

Florida gators photo

Photo by bjmcdonald

Statistically speaking, Florida played a great game against Missouri tonight. They had 8 minutes more time of possession, ran 35 more plays, gained well over twice as many yards and were given 11 penalties against Missouri.

So how did they lose 42-13? A kickoff return and punt return for touchdowns and 6 turnovers will do that.

Honestly, Missouri couldn’t have played a worse game on offense than this, but Florida mistakes helped them to a 42-0 lead anyway.

I don’t even know how a team can make that many mistakes. You can blame the starting QB, Jeff Driskel for some of those turnovers, but he doesn’t cover kicks. This mess of bad football goes much deeper, and I know Gator fans seem willing to dump much of it on the head coach. Can’t really argue with them.

Can history repeat itself and the Gators find the perfect replacement the way they did after the Ron Zook era? If they do, does that mean Muschamp will be at Illinois next year? 😉