Link – Metta World Peace Claims He Was Offered Huge Money to Throw a College Game

This is a very real risk, especially in college sports where the players don’t have any money.

“In a controversial Supreme Court ruling this week, ​the nationwide ban on sports gambling was overturned and power was given to the states to regulate wagering as they see fit.

While sports junkies and bookies across the league celebrate, many are concerned about the damage this could do to the integrity of sports. Many scandals have resulted from players attempting to alter the outcome of games, and Metta World Peace is now speaking out about a certain situation he found himself in during his college days at St. John’s. ​”

Honestly, I don’t know how the NCAA is going to prevent this from happening.


Link – College sports warn against moves to legalize betting

Oh I think we already know that this is going to happen.

“Noting that unpaid college athletes are especially vulnerable to large amounts of money flowing through their game and that “there is a serious concern as to where all this new money would go,” McMillen said that nearly 80 percent of the members of his group were opposed to legalized sports betting.

“These kids are on scholarship. Listen, we’ve seen point-shaving scandals before,” he said. “We’re concerned.”

They absolutely should be concerned. On the other hand, they should have been concerned about agents working with schools to get kids money and this latest news from the FBI shows that they did a pretty horrible job at finding that, so why should we think stuff like this isn’t already going on?

It will, however, be yet another case of everyone making money from college sports except the kids actually playing. So why shouldn’t they bend the rules a bit?

Link – Jerry Jones of Dallas Cowboys defends investment in DraftKings

1. He’s right, fantasy, and gambling, increases the interest in the sport.
2. On the other hand, it is gambling, and once you have that out there, it muddies the water a bit when you start to look at in game decisions. Was a decision made to simply increase one players fantasy points? (Or decrease them?). For example, was Arian Foster still playing in the 4th quarter of a blowout because of fantasy stats when he injured his Achilles? See how easy this becomes?

Jerry can say what he wants about his business interests, but once the league, and it’s owners, are involved in a big money enterprise who’s winners are determined by what happens on the field, it leaves room for the public to wonder.

Jerry Jones of Dallas Cowboys defends investment in DraftKings

Reading – DFS player: How daily fantasy ruined my life

FanDuels and DraftKings can say whatever they like, but whenever money is involved, it’s gambling, and all of the same sorts of things that are true about gambling addiction when it comes to playing slots, or betting on games, apply here too!

What’s ridiculous about it is the way the leagues and media outlets try to pretend that this isn’t gambling somehow so that they can remain “clean” and above reproach. Because, you know, being involved with anyone gambling on the actual game would be awful, but betting on individual player results somehow isn’t. (As if professional gamblers couldn’t influence those numbers just as easily as they could fix a game.)

Nope, it’s just fantasy sports, but it’s real money, which brings out real problems.

DFS player: How daily fantasy ruined my life

Reading – You Aren’t Good Enough to Win Money Playing Daily Fantasy Football

“Nobody wants to be a fantasy football fish.

DraftKings and FanDuel are testing new ways to make less successful players feel comfortable and enhance the impression that games are fair and winnable. For the massive tournaments whose prizes regularly top $1 million, both websites now limit the number of entries from a single player. FanDuel put a cap of about 1,000 entries on big football tournaments this year. For DraftKings’s “Millionaire Maker” tournament, players are limited to 500 entries at the $10 level.

These limits seem almost laughably nonrestrictive until you understand how top players operate. Analysis from Rotogrinders conducted for Bloomberg shows that the top 100 ranked players enter 330 winning lineups per day, and the top 10 players combine to win an average of 873 times daily. The remaining field of approximately 20,000 players tracked by Rotogrinders wins just 13 times per day, on average.”

Wait, you mean when there’s significant money involved, professional sharks will get involved? Shocking, not!

You Aren’t Good Enough to Win Money Playing Daily Fantasy Football