One Week Down

Field View from Press BoxSo, after Ohio State thrashed Bowling Green by 67 on Saturday, I had occasion to be out and about over the weekend in my Buckeye t-shirt. A person passing by us along the coast made a comment to the effect of “they really whaled this week, eh?”.

My response was the only response you can have when you’re a college football fan. “One week down”. Because, as good as Ohio State looked against BG, it was just one week. Next week you have to do it all over again against Tulsa, and then you have a trip to Oklahoma and then the Big Ten season, and on and on.

If this week taught us anything about college football, it’s that week one is exactly that, week one. A lot of teams aren’t playing as smoothly as they will later in the season, a couple paid a pretty big price for it, but it’s only one week. Even Oklahoma, LSU and Notre Dame aren’t dead yet, but they might want to get it turned around quickly. One loss might not end playoff hopes, but two early ones are going to be near impossible to overcome.

One thing that week one definitely tells us, as it does nearly every year, is that no one knows anything going into that first preseason poll. What, exactly did voters base those votes on? Week one sure didn’t play out the way the polls had it, did it? Why do we even bother?

After one week, my way too early playoff prediction? Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, Houston but there’s a lot of football to be played before we figure out who the best 4 teams truly are.

What Bowl Season Taught Us

skeeze / Pixabay

First, Alabama and Clemson gave us a great National Championship game. No complaints there.

The semi final games, on the other hand? Ugh…

Speaking of those games, a few things that those results, and others, confirmed for me.

  • Ohio State clearly just blew their shot. I’m not going to argue that they deserved to be in the playoff when they didn’t even win their division in the Big Ten. But, talent-wise, they were so much better than either Michigan State or Iowa, and the bowl results showed us that, IMHO. I’m still not convinced that loss to Michigan State was on the up and up. 😉
  • I was all set to write about how overrated the Big 12 was, based on most of the top teams just getting creamed, and then Oregon blew a 31 point lead to TCU. Outside of that, however, there is some weakness there.
  • On that note, has there ever been a team as good as Oregon with their starting QB, and alternatively as bad as Oregon without him? Fun conversation for the off season, how much did Vernon Adams health not only mess up Oregon’s season, but also any chance the PAC-12 had of getting a team into the playoffs? If he’s healthy all year, does Oregon get in? If he had not been healthy when they played Stanford, does Stanford get in?
  • The SEC redeemed itself after flubbing up bowl season last year. Well, except Florida. I’m not surprised by that. The SEC obviously has a ton of really good teams, and had favorable matchups this year that they didn’t have last year. (see also, the second bullet about the Big 12. There were a few mismatches between SEC and Big 12 schools.)
  • Houston handing Florida State a beat down was the one game that made me stand up and take notice. A nice win for Tom Herman, but it kind of reminded me of some other bowl games where a “marquee” program just doesn’t show up on a lower bowl game too. It happens every few years, at least.

What was your biggest take away from the bowl season?

Reading – College football Twitter bans unconstitutional?

I wondered about that. I assumed that the agreement to play football was not a right, therefore they could set any rules on that but not take away a scholarship over it, as that would violate their right to free speech. Pro teams could write that into a contract, because they are not the government, but I doubt any pro player would run to sign with a team that did that.

On the college level though, I wonder how many HS kids with social media accounts would willingly give them up or if they would sign with a school that didn’t have that rule?

College football Twitter bans unconstitutional?

Reading – Report: Bars Now Off Limits For Florida State Football Players

Listen, I know that campus bars often will let in underage students, but just not let them drink, but as a football program, you have to know that having underage guys hanging around a bar is eventually going to lead to problems. Either they’re going to be trying to drink, using fake IDs, getting in arguments with people who have been drinking and so on. Those things might be fairly common for students, but they just can’t be when your PR is as bad as FSU’s is right now. So, banning kids from going is probably not a bad choice here.

Report: Bars Now Off Limits For Florida State Football Players

Reading – Quarterback De’Andre Johnson dismissed from Florida State

It’s never good to have video of you clocking a woman, or anyone for that matter. There’s no way even FSU could keep this guy around, but I have other questions. Why, if you’re FSU, (especially FSU with it’s recent reputation!) is your 19 year-old player at a bar to start with? Shouldn’t that just be against the team rules?

Should the girl also be charged with assault? Yes, they both should, and whatever punishment is handed out for students in that situation should be handed out for her, as it is being for Johnson, rightly. But her swinging first is absolutely no excuse. Johnson, especially given his position on the football team, should know to walk away, always.

Lastly, how many people were standing around doing nothing while this escalated? Where were Johnson’s friends to keep him out of trouble? If there was no video how many of these witnesses would have spoken out against an FSU football player? They sure didn’t try and stop him.

Quarterback De’Andre Johnson dismissed from Florida State