LSU Gymnastics Top Off Fantastic Season with Their First Natty

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You might not know it, but during our time in Baton Rouge, my wife and I became huge LSU gymnastics fans. We’re not alone in that. They regularly draw 12,000 fans to each meet. Part of it is the way these women compete, but it’s also the camaraderie and the way they support one another. I became a fan because these women are strong, athletic, and supportive of other women in their sport.

In short, I don’t have daughters, but this is the example I want to see my nieces and other girls I know to follow.

So, it was very nice to greet the team on Sunday upon their arrival home and catch a glimpse of the All-Around individual national champ, Hayleigh Bryant, holding the team National Championship trophy.

Congratulations, ladies. It’s been a pleasure. I look forward to the parade and running it back next season!

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