Caitlin Clark and Pete Maravich Can Both Be Amazing

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So, she did it. She has officially scored more career points than Pete Maravich.

Cue all of the LSU fans, men who don’t like women’s sports, and old-timers who wish the game was still played like it was in the old days, and their comments about how it’s not the same, yada, yada, yada.

OK, you’re right.

Maravich played when freshmen weren’t allowed to play; there was no three-point line. He played a different game in a different era. What he did was amazing for that era. The per-game statistics will probably never be topped. It was also a very different game than the basketball played in 2024, whether you want to talk about men’s or women’s college hoops.

What Caitlin did is also amazing for her era and her game.

Both of these things can be true. They aren’t competing with one another. So, congratulate Caitlin for putting up some amazing scoring numbers.

And take a minute to remember how great Maravich was at LSU, too.




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