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Random Thoughts Jan 22, 2024

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Things I’m thinking about:

  • First off, as a Cowboys fan, I have no idea what to do with the team. Is it the quarterback, the coach, or Jerry as the general manager? Is it some combination of any or all of those things? They’ve had a few QBs and coaches and haven’t been to an NFC Championship game since 1995. Jerry Jones is the common denominator through all of those years. That might be the thing that needs to change.
  • My heart hurt a little for Bills fans. Wide-right, seriously? Ugh.
  • I did not have a shirtless Jason Kelce dominating social media on my bingo card for the playoffs, but here we are.
  • Patrick Roy is coaching the Islanders, speaking of things that weren’t on my bingo card. Wow isn’t a strong enough word for what I thought when I first heard about it. Can a fiery Roy coexist with Lou Lamarillo? I have no idea. It’ll be fun to find out, and I’ll be watching.
  • Someone asked me earlier if I had any rooting interest in the remainder of the NFL playoffs, and yes, yes, I do. As mentioned above, I’m a Cowboys fan who can’t root for the 49ers, so go Lions! As an Ohio State fan, I will take one million Taylor Swift cutaways over a week of Harbaugh brother stories all day, every day. It’s not even close. Besides, Taylor is just there rooting for her boyfriend, and she happens to be one of the most famous people on earth. As a meme my wife sent me mentioned, I’d rather see her than cutaways to Jerry Jones, and Cowboy fans have been seeing a ton of those for years! Enough with the complaining, and let two people live their lives.
  • Some college football fans and writers have their panties in a wad over the transfer portal, especially when a coach leaves. Colleges need to make a choice: are the players students or professional athletes? These suggestions that they contracted with the school and not the coach when they signed that letter of intent sound like professional sports. Students transfer schools all the time. Students work jobs, start businesses, and freelance as creatives without any problem. They make money any way they want. If athletes are students, let them be students. If football players aren’t students, then start an NFL minor league and get your university’s name out of it.
  • Ryan Day seems to have dug into the transfer portal hard this season. It’s gotta be all-in for him to beat Michigan this year, not to mention trips to Oregon and Penn State.


Who are you rooting for next week? Why?

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