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Linked – Huskies Have Lost Third of Their Football Roster in a Month

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This is not very surprising when your head coach leaves for another opportunity.

“Nearly 40 players have graduated, entered the portal, de-committed or retired since mid-December.”

The interesting thing is watching pundits and fans react to this mess. They will bemoan how “professional” college football has become. We’ve watched some leading coaches, including Nick Saban, talk about this. It’s just not the same; these changes with the portal and NIL have made it like a business, etc.

They usually fail to mention that college football was a business decades before any of these changes were made. They were just a business where the employees got almost nothing and were slaves to the NCAA.

When was the time when Mr. Saban himself left college for a pro coaching job and the kids he recruited and left behind? Stuck in a situation that maybe they no longer wanted to be in. How many kids signed a letter of intent, watched the coach who recruited them leave or get fired, and were expected to carry through on that letter? Or how many coaches left their teams before a bowl game because a bigger contract came along? How many ADs, how many assistants, etc.?

Did the players have those options? No.

Now they do, and many people who made money in the old system don’t like it.

So yeah, Washington is going to have to rebuild. That’s the norm when you go through a coaching change. Does Kalen DeBoer care? Of course not. He’s off to Bama. He’s taken his career to the next level and a bigger payday. Good for him. That’s what we all want to do, right?

So why shouldn’t college athletes be applauded for doing the same thing?

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