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Mid-Temp Take – Within Three Years CFB Bowls Implode

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We get the expanded, 12-team playoff that we’ve all been crying for next year, so it only makes sense that the rest of the Bowl system go away in short order, right?

Even this season, outside of the Semifinals, does anyone even care about Bowl games? Even the halftime show of every game is just ESPN studio talking heads rambling on about the playoff teams. The network broadcasting these games doesn’t even care. The games are generally awful, with players opting out or hitting the transfer portal before the game. They look a lot like pre-season games with patched-together lineups, especially teams who fired their coaches or coaches who moved to their next job with a bowl game still on the schedule.

I don’t think enough people care to keep this system alive. The NCAA should already be figuring out a way to grant some extra practice days and spread the playoff money around a bit instead of counting on bowl games to fill that void for teams.

No one needs to see these games, and no one needs to get injured in one of these games. I understand entirely why top players opting out. There’s no benefit to playing.

I’m also starting to think there’s no benefit to watching these games.






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