Link: Bad quarterbacks a big problem for the XFL

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I feel like this was already an issue with the NFL, not having enough quality quarterbacks, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised by this, right?

Obviously, no quarterback who’s good enough to start in the NFL is going to play in the XFL. But for its games to be entertaining, the the XFL at least needs quarterbacks who are able to play well against XFL defenses. And currently, the XFL doesn’t have enough of those quarterbacks.

I wonder how much the salary structure also helps this along? I mean, there might be some quarterbacks out there playing in the CFL, or just not playing, who could fit this bill, but they’d be taking quite a pay cut to play in the XFL, with very little hope at this point of making an NFL roster, whereas a typical DB/LB/RB/WR or lineman might be willing to give it one more shot at catching on with an NFL roster, since those openings come up more often.

Given the reality, and the lack of quality QBs everywhere, if I’m the XFL, I might be tempted to just get crazy. There are a lot of QBs who played well in college running more of what the NFL would consider “gimmick” offenses) why not run some of that? You can’t tell me there isn’t a former Hawaii or Non-Power5 team running a spread offense, QB out there who couldn’t get a shot in the XFL? Or take a super athletic college QB and let him run a RPO offense? Would that not be at least more entertaining than watching someone hit on 45% of their passes?

What have you got to lose? I suspect it might be a little too early to make this switch, but as the season progresses and QB play for some of these teams doesn’t get batter? Why not?

Bad quarterbacks a big problem for the XFL

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