Link: Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward’s home attacked by fans

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I can understand the frustration Manchester United fans must feel at the massively disappointing club that is put in front of them each game over the last few seasons. I can even understand their desire to see the manager and the people who run the club run out of town for this failure to even compete for a top 4 finish. But this is well beyond the pale and is totally unacceptable.

“A group of approximately 20 people aimed fireworks at Woodward’s Cheshire home. A video posted on social media showed the vandals gathered outside the house in Cheshire chanting threats towards Woodward, who is married with two children.”

You just don’t go ’round threatening people and shooting fireworks at their family home because your team isn’t doing very well. That’s an indication that your priorities are completely out of whack. A man’s life, and his family, are way more important than any sport, no matter how bad he might be at the job. I don’t care how much you love United, if you think this is acceptable behavior you’re not a sports fan, you’re a freaking terrorist.

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