Link: Lawsuit alleges Penn State players took part in graphic hazing, James Franklin ignored complaints

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It is important to note that, as of now, these are just allegations. But, if true, this is a horrific look for Penn State.

“Former Penn State player Isaiah Humphries has alleged that coach James Franklin ignored violent, sexual hazing on the Nittany Lions’ football team, which included some players telling underclassmen, “I’m going to Sandusky you.” “

Of all the places to have this happen, Penn State may be the one football program that just can’t have it. Especially if anyone actually said that to a player. It’s not something to even joke about, let alone the other, disturbing things that are alleged.

I really hope this isn’t true, but if it is, no one at Penn State should feel safe in their job. This cannot happen anywhere, but good god if anyone should know better, it’s PSU.

For their part, Penn State says the University investigated the claims, and the police did as well, and that the DA chose not to press any charges.

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