Link: Dodgers’ fan group ready to vent at Astros for sign stealing

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This is probably going to happen in a few places. Imagine what Yankee Stadium is going to be like for the Astros?

“Houston and the Dodgers don’t play each other during the upcoming regular season, so Pantone 294 is snapping up tickets to the Los Angeles Angels’ home opener against the Astros on April 3 in Anaheim, the Los Angeles Times reported. The group regularly organizes trips to support the Dodgers on the road.”

I haven’t said much about the Astros and the sign-stealing scandal. I don’t realistically think, as many other Dodgers fans do, that the league was ever going to vacate the title or anything like that. It just doesn’t happen. I am, however, extremely disappointed that no players were disciplined, at all, for cheating. When the punishments for other forms of “cheating” are so clear-cut, it’s amazing to me that players were not given anything. Just immunity.

As more and more Astros players, and former players, are asked questions about this, and continue to issue statements about how they would have stopped if anyone told them not to, or how disappointed they are in Mike Fiers for going public, the more other MLB fans are going to hate them.

The more other teams fans hate them, the more vitriol we’ll see at Astros away games.

And then the more support they’ll be given by Astros fans at home games, which will feed into more anger, and probably violence at some point. I hope not, but I can see the possibility.

But, according to Major League Baseball this was a management problem, not the players.

A few 60 game suspensions would help the rest of us feel like maybe these players aren’t just getting away with cheating, but we didn’t get anything like that.

We watched the players get away with cheating. It’s an embarrassment for everyone.

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