Link: A former Giants prospect’s biggest win could help thousands in minor leagues

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It does seem ridiculous that a minor league player could be paid this little over the course of the season. It’s hard to argue that MLB, with the billions it brings in, should be allowed to run a minor league system like this.

“After realizing that he would not get to take that final step to pitching in the majors, Broshuis quickly pivoted from baseball to law school. He’s now the lead attorney in a lawsuit that aims to force major league organizations to follow federal and state wage laws and pay minor league prospects at least the minimum they would earn slinging fries at a fast-food joint.

According to Major League Baseball, the monthly minimum salary for minor leaguers is as low as $1,100 in rookie and Class A ball, jumping to $1,500 in Double-A and $2,150 in Triple-A, well below the minimum wage when factoring their time commitment over the five months a year they are paid.”

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