Link: REPORT: Becky Hammon Interested in Knicks Head Coaching Job

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This would be interesting. The Knicks should consider it, if only because she has been in San Antonio and would have the knowledge of what an actual competent organization looks like.

I do, however, wonder about her motivation. I get that she wants to be a head coach, and I’d also say she probably deserves a shot at it. I’d also be very concerned about her taking a job where she’d just be setup to fail. Unfair as it is, we all know the NBA fan base is going to judge the possibility of any future women as coaches on how successful Becky Hammon is, or isn’t, in New York. Is there anything about the way the Knicks are run that gives you confidence it won’t sink her career instead of boosting it?

I suppose that’s why she’s reportedly only interested if there’s a long-term contract involved. Smart move.

It would be a smart move for the Knicks to do it, but they haven’t exactly been rolling in smart moves for years.

REPORT: Becky Hammon Interested in Knicks Head Coaching Job

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