Link: Memphis James Wiseman: Why do best players even play college hoops?

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This is actually becoming a really good question, especially since we already know who the top players are in high school, right?

“These days a good year with a good college program doesn’t mean all that much. Everybody knows the best freshmen entering college basketball each year and their draft stock pretty much stays the same throughout the year.”

It’s true, and the NCAA telling Wiseman that he has to somehow come up with almost $12,000 for charity to pay his “fine” is laughable. Where is he supposed to get that money without violating another NCAA rule?

Or maybe that’s the point. They aren’t ever going to let him play for Memphis. So he should just walk away and start preparing for his pro career. Why not?

Why would any great players like James Wiseman even want to play college hoops?

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