Link: UH QB King to redshirt rest of ’19, plans to return

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Now here’s an interesting twist on the new red-shirt rule. Remember, the NCAA sold it as a way to get freshmen some game time and develop their skills without having to burn a year of eligibility, but here we have two seniors using it.

“Houston senior quarterback D’Eriq King will not play the remainder of the season so that he can take a redshirt, the school announced on Monday.

Keith Corbin, the team’s second-leading receiver and also a senior, will sit out the rest of the season and redshirt as well, the team announced.

King, who set the American Athletic Conference record with 50 touchdowns responsible for last season, said in a statement that he plans to return to Houston next season.”

Houston started the season 1-3. One could argue that it’s kind of a lost season for the football team at this point, where expectations are down for the rest of the season as well. Why not have a couple of your best players take a redshirt and come back next year?

And if you’re a senior with middling NFL prospects, why not skip this year where no one is paying attention and try again next year to put on a good show for scouts?

I don’t think this is what the NCAA had in mind, but it’s well within the rules as written.

Finally, someone figured out how to tank in college athletics too. I knew you could do it!

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