Link: The NFL Has Accepted The 80-Yard Field So Now Chaos Can Reign

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Ray Ratto is not actually wrong about this. Four exhibition games where noneof the starters play much, if at all, and no one really cares about the results, is too many.

“And there’s your latest of example why the vicious scam of practice football is coming undone. If the 80-yard field in Winnipeg for Packers-Raiders last night didn’t matter, if the two teams could work around the goalpost holes nobody thought to deal with in the months-long lead-up to the game, if the organizers could figure out that lowering prices for something nobody wants is actually the way the economy should work—if all these things happened and a game was still inflicted upon us, then progress toward a better planet is being made.”

The game in Winnipeg did provide a prime example of a game that clearly doesn’t matter. Nothing about it mattered, and no one really cared.

Why play it? Why not just practice?

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