Link: Beards, bunnies and Airbnb — What it’s REALLY like to get traded

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I mean this story about Brad Hand’s family is cute and all, but the article is a major reminder of just how sudden, and complete, the upheaval can be when an MLB player gets traded. And, how complicated it can be for everyone involved:

“It was roughest on Lila, who was missing her favorite pajamas. Making matters worse, the toddler’s suitcase got lost on the flight from West Palm Beach to Cleveland. Inside it was a little bunny that’s known in the Hand household as Mr. Two. Soft and brown with little flowers on the ears, it was everything to Lila.

Although the lovey eventually arrived, Morgan — whose hubby has once again been prominently featured in trade buzz this season — made sure it would never happen again: Their first night in Cleveland, when she realized the suitcase was lost, she went on Amazon and splurged on bunny inventory.

“Now we have four Mr. Twos,” she says. “Just in case.””

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