Link: Survey – NCAA coaches’ clout concerns trainers

Why is this not 0%? However you might feel about paying college athletes this should never happen in an amateur sports environment.

“About 19% of college athletic trainers reported in a recent survey that a coach played an athlete who had been deemed “medically out of participation,” according to results released Tuesday by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association that reveal concerns about college coaches having too much influence in medical decision-making.”

And, it turns out, according to the NCAA this should never happen:

The findings come almost three years after the NCAA passed legislation specifically prohibiting coaches and athletic directors from influencing medical decisions and requiring a reporting structure in which athletic trainers and team physicians would have final say on return-to-play determinations.

But it does happen, and it happens because trainers and other staff are hired, and fired, by the athletic department, where everyone’s job is based on winning mostly. That may need to change. Read more on ESPN

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