Link: End of the innocence: Sad to watch Nick Castellanos’ joy for the game bleed out in Detroit

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This is an interesting quote from Castellanos, but one that I think is completely true for players, as they realize that the people who run these teams are not sentimental, not really all that caring, it’s just business.

““The more that I’ve been in this game, you kind of start realizing that. And you hear veterans like Victor [Martinez] and Torii [Hunter] and Austin Jackson, K-Rod [Francisco Rodriguez] talk about it the same way: Be careful falling in love with the name on the front of the jersey, because it’s a business.””

As fans it’s easy to forget. We get pretty fired up about “our” team, and “our” city. We get pretty fired up hating the guys on the other team, loving the ones on ours, and it can be pretty easy to forget that they’re just a bunch of people like we are, just ones with much more athletic skills.

But that zeal for our teams, is also something that can be help against us be team owners when it comes to getting new buildings, or selling merchandise, etc. It might be in our own best interests to remember that it’s a business to everyone else.

It might take a way some of the entertainment of sports for us, but it also might make some of a little less stressed too.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing Castellanos on my team, would you?

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