Link: BU finds former NHL player Ewen had CTE, contradicting earlier findings

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This doesn’t make Gary Bettman look good, when he’s been using this case as his example of hockey not being a cause of CTE.

“Todd Ewen was posthumously diagnosed earlier this year by a Boston University neuropathologist with the brain-withering disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, a development that contradicts the findings of a Toronto doctor two years ago that the former National Hockey League player didn’t have the disease.”

If you read further in the article, it is believed that the first exam simply looked at different regions of the brain, and the CTE had not developed there. I found it interesting because clearly we are seeing a disease that is developing differently for different individuals, which can only mean that at this point we don’t know how many hits to the head are too many in general, and that even if we could figure that out, it would be a different number for everyone.

That kinda makes playing sports with a lot of head contact a little dangerous, no?

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