Link – Wade to seek therapy to help transition into retirement

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Honestly, good for him. There’s no shame in admitting that you’re going through something difficult, that you don’t quite have a handle on, and asking for some help with it.

“Dwyane Wade was nicknamed after superhero “Flash” for his blazing speed on the court. But the Miami Heat legend knows he’s far from invincible and isn’t afraid to admit he’ll seek professional help as he transitions into retirement.”

Think about it, Wade has spent most of his life focused on being a basketball player. Once that is over, what experience is he going to draw on to help in the transition to whatever he does next?

Right, there isn’t any. A good therapist can help him make that adjustment. None of us should make fun of him for making a smart decision about his life, and none of us should make fun of anyone else going through things where they need help either.

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