If You Hate Hockey Games Being Determined by Skills Competition, You’ll Really Hate This

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The NCAA announced a few rule changes today. Including this one to “solve” the problem of multiple overtime games:

Spurred by the marathon LSU-Texas A&M game last November, all games that get beyond a fourth overtime will now see both teams alternate 2-point plays until one team converts and the other does not, rather than begin at the 25-yard line like any other overtime session.

College football teams should probably get to work on their two-point plays early in the Fall. you don’t want to miss out on winning your conference, or getting a playoff invite, because some other team was better at two-point conversions than you.

And here we thought the potential for a few shootout wins altering whether a team makes the NHL playoffs or not was bad. Granted, it’s less likely to happen, but in college football, it just seems inevitable that it’s going to anyway.

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