Link – LSU suspends Wade indefinitely amid FBI probe

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As many of you know. I live in Baton Rouge. My wife works on campus, her father and a fair number of relatives graduated from LSU, and we know a whole bunch of fans. alumni, and people who have worked for the university.

All of them had been enjoying a surprising run that may just end up with an SEC regular season title.

And now, a 99.99999% chance that all of it is going to be vacated and they’ll be looking for a new coach to rebuild the mess next season.

It’s not going to go over well in Louisiana, but I also know they won’t be alone. Over the summer, we’re also going to hear more about Arizona, Louisville, and any number of other programs that have been involved in this case, and also about how little the NCAA did about any of it, until the FBI stepped in and starting charging people with fraud and money laundering.

Big time college sports is a moral quagmire. But, I feel like most of us will hold our nose and watch, rooting for our alma maters, or schools we grew up with, hoping like heck that it’s not our school that gets caught next, ignoring the fact that the whole thing is corrupt.

How is it going to feel watching the conference and NCAA tournaments this year knowing that a couple of years from now, almost none of it will have officially happened?

I don’t honestly know how it will feel, or if I’ll watch.

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