How Shannon Hogan Reminds Sports Fans That We’re All Human

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I don’t live in New York, obviously, but I do subscribe to NHL Gamecenter so that I can catch the occasional Islanders game from my iPad, and between that, and twitter, I get to see and read the Islanders announcers and the game host, Shannon Hogan, quite often.

This season, Shannon has not only been covering the games, traveling with the team, and showing up on TV each game night, she has also been pregnant. Lately, she has begun writing more about that experience on the MSG Network website as well, and even though I don’t know her at all, the stories she tells about how the network, Isles players and coaches, fans, and opposing players have served as a great reminder that in the end, we’re all human, and whether you’re a huge fan of the Islanders, or Shannon, or not, we all want the best for her and her baby.

I’m thankful that she is sharing stories like this one. It humanizes the whole sport.

Funny story, last season Travis Hamonic mistakenly thought I was pregnant and congratulated me in the dressing room. We laughed it off when he realized the news he heard was about my engagement and upcoming wedding. This season there was no mistaking it, I was pregnant. Travis smiled so wide when he saw me in Calgary and gave me a big hug before our interview.

As my wife said when I was telling her about the article, sports is a thing that you do, but it reminds you that it’s not the end-all and be-all.

Thanks for sharing these great stories Shannon!

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