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The NCAA Carousels Are in Full Swing

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Yes, I said carousels, with an “s”.

There the annual coaching carousel. That one we all know about. Head coaches and assistant coaches going here there and everywhere.

But, there’s also the QB carousel.

Justin Fields to Ohio State from Georgia, Tate Martell out of Ohio State, Kelly Bryant from Clemson to wherever, maybe Jalen Hurts from Alabama, and on and on.

The new transfer rules are getting a workout from elite quarterbacks looking for a new destination.

And who can blame them? Given the success of transfers Will Grier, Joe Burrow and Shea Patterson this past year, if you’re a highly rated prospect not starting for a college football team, why sit around hoping for an opening or an injury? This isn’t like RB, WR, or defensive player. The teams not going to sub you into meaningful game situations. There is only one starting QB. If you think you have a shot at playing time elsewhere, you should probably go take that shot.

It can be confusing as a fan, and I’m sure it’s a challenge for head coaches, who would much rather have a highly rated starter AND backup, but I can’t blame any kid for taking a shot at playing instead of sitting behind someone else for all 4 years. Why not?

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