Link – The struggle is real – Why hockey butts, jeans don’t mix

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This story is light-hearted, and fun, but it’s a real thing. It actually reminds me of something that happened many years ago, back during the Islanders dynasty, when my older brother, who is a Rangers fan, used to spend his time deriding just how “wimpy” some of the Islander stars were. That actually all stopped one Summer day when he and his friends were out and about on Long Island and ran into a few of the area hockey players, who were naturally wearing shorts. When my brother realized the the legs on those guys were thicker than his whole body, he quit talking about any wimpy hockey players.

And that was in the early 80s. I can only imagine how much more built NHL players are now. It’s a wonder they can even wear jeans.

BTW, I’ve heard similar things said about professional bike riders. They are literally all leg muscle. The top pros have incredibly thin upper bodies, you might even call them emaciated, but the legs. Oh boy the legs.

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