Link – Jim Delany upheld the broken status quo instead of pushing for playoff expansion

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It’s time for Delaney to go. Period. If any other business in the world had devalued their product the way he did by bringing Rutgers into the Big Ten, they’d have been gone a long time ago. But no, he’s still there.

“It’s a sad reflection of the priorities of Delany and the Big Ten when he’s more aggressive in proposing to move the entire conference to Division III if schools ever had to pay student-athletes than he is trying to advocate any change to the playoff. Maybe Delany would have actually said or done something constructive on behalf of Ohio State and the Big Ten if the committee had threatened to take BTN off of those east coast cable packages instead. It’s clear that the priorities of the Big Ten are making money, not what happens anywhere else. Rutgers and Maryland aren’t exactly great resume builders anywhere but in the Big Ten’s profit/loss statement at the end of the year.”

Jim Delany could have been the hero we needed for playoff expansion. Instead, he chose to uphold the broken status quo.

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