Link – Tuukka Rask deserves our empathy now more than ever

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As much as I don’t necessarily read up on a lot of Bruins blogs, I think this one has it right on what’s happening with Tuuka Rask:

“While fans were showing their support and wishing him the best, there were a handful that saw it was appropriate to crack wise jokes. Fans put their tin hats on and speculated what could possibly be taking him away from the ice? He’s looked skinny lately. Is it drugs? He has a daughter. Do you think she’s okay? What about his family back in Finland? Not even Bergeron knows what’s going on. Respecting someone’s privacy shouldn’t be such a difficult task.”

Look, we all have outside issues that make it difficult to focus on doing our best work every day, but we don’t have to go around explaining that to the media, or explaining to anyone but our employer about what we may need a leave of absence. We take time off for all sorts of reasons, and don’t really have to explain it to anyone.

Why Tuuka is away from the team for a bit is anyone’s guess. It also doesn’t matter. Clearly, this is something important. If it were health-related, an injury or sickness, we’d all understand that and with him good health and a speedy return. We can do that even if it’s not an injury too. He’s just as human as the rest of us who don’t play a sport for a living.

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