Link – Ohio State vs. Maryland: Watching Urban Meyer was just uncomfortable

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SBNation has the photos below, but the headline is exactly what I was thinking watching this game. I even tweeted that I think his family, if they watched him during that game, might have a sit down with him at the end of the season and talk about whether this is worth it. It wasn’t just the struggle to win this game or the terrible play of his defense, this was a man who seemed physically and emotionally in pain.

I would not be surprised if we are watching the end of the Urban Meyer era at Ohio State.

Then again, maybe a surprise win against Michigan and all is well again. Who really knows.

I do, however, not expect them to win next week. Seems to me like most long winning streaks come to a rather inglorious end eventually. All signs right now point to next weekend being exactly that for OSU’s winning streak over TTUN.

I also hope I’m wrong.

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