College Football Playoff – One Week Left, Where Are We Now?

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What we know after this week’s games:

  • Michigan will not be there.
  • Wash. State will not be there. The PAC12 is done for this year.
  • The committee is going to find a reason to not let UCF in, especially without their best player and stating QB – Not entirely sure they win the AAC championship game anyway.
  • Notre Dame should make it.
  • Clemson and Alabama are no-brainers, assuming they win conference championship games. Clemson can probably even lose and still get in.
  • Georgia can win their way in. (And create a real mess)
  • Ohio State and Oklahoma still have a shot.

In my own humble opinion, I think we’re down to 6 teams.

  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • Notre Dame
  • Georgia
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio State

A win by Alabama probably eliminates Georgia and leaves us with an argument between Oklahoma and Ohio State, assuming they win next week.

A win by Georgia puts them in, and Alabama into that argument.

If it’s between those three, I think the committee puts Alabama in.

If it’s between Oklahoma and Ohio State, I don’t know what the committee does, but I suspect it’s Oklahoma. Their one lass is a close one to Texas and they have a chance next week to avenge that loss. Ohio State has one big, ugly, 29 point loss to Purdue, not to mention some real ugly wins against lesser competition.

So if you’re an Ohio State fan, obviously you need to beat Northwestern, not exactly a given to be honest. Then you’re rooting like heck for Alabama and Texas. Well, if you can actually do that. I realize it will not come naturally.

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