Link – The Loser Point is Hurting the NHL

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I had not realized this. The current system only makes it seem like there’s parity in the NHL because most teams are not that far behind, but it also makes it harder to actually make up ground.

“Since the 2005 lockout, 88 percent of teams that are four or more points out of a playoff spot after Nov. 1 have missed the postseason. Climbing out of a four-point hole seems easy, but in reality it is not. The loser point makes it seem as if teams stand a chance once they get behind in the standings early on in a calendar year, but the feat is much more difficult due to the one-point cushion for extending the length of a game.”

The owners like the appearance of parity, because it keeps a teams fans interested longer into the season, but will fans start to pay attention to this stat, and act accordingly? That may be the only thing that forces a change.

The Loser Point is Hurting the NHL

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