Link – Maryland Terrapins football culture toxic coach DJ Durkin

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A kid died in May after a workout, and while the investigation is ongoing, if even half of the stuff in this story is true, Maryland should fire everybody, and start settlement talks with the family.

“I would never, ever, ever allow my child to be coached there.”
Former Maryland staff member”

The bullying, the working out well past the point of exhaustion, the humiliation, all of it is something we just shouldn’t tolerate. The fact that their head coach spent time working under such luminaries as Harbough and Meyer should make all of us question what goes on in big-time college football.

There was a time when this was just the way things were done by football coaches. Now we know better. We have much better information about how to keep these guys healthy, and the damage that can be done when you don’t. If an offensive lineman collapsed during a sprint and the trainer’s reaction was to tell other players to “drag his ass across the field” instead of immediately getting medical treatment? There shouldn’t be anything left of that staff/administration.

It’ a game. No one should have to die to prepare to play it.

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