Link – Yankees could boycott ESPN if not taken off ‘Sunday Night Baseball,’ report says

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I get it, it’s hard for any of us to feel sorry for the Yankees, ever. But, this seems fairly dumb:

“Thanks to ESPN, the Yankees and Blue Jays will play at 8 p.m. ET Sunday in Toronto. And the Yankees ain’t too happy about it.

Why? The game originally was scheduled for 1 p.m. as the Yankees have to catch a flight to Baltimore after the game for a doubleheader the next day. “

They can’t not play the game, but they apparently can, and will, make use of the one threat they do have against ESPN, player and manager access.

Really, in a battle of wills between the Yankees and ESPN, there’s no good guy. Just pass the popcorn…

Update – Apparently, the threat worked.

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