Link – NBA making plans to get involved at high school level, once again

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This has always made more sense than the one and done rule.

“A plan is expected to include the NBA starting relationships with elite teenagers while they are in high school, providing skills to help them develop both on and off the court. It would ultimately open an alternate path to the NBA besides playing in college and a way 18-year-olds could earn a meaningful salary either from NBA teams or as part of an enhanced option in the developmental G League, sources said.”

Could it be that the NCAA’s current mess is creating a situation where the NBA commissioner is ready to cut them out of the elite basketball player development model completely? Or at least is willing to compete with the NCAA instead of trying to work with them?

And would it be better for the NCAA to get out of the elite basketball player development market and be a truly amateur sport again? There’d still be a lot of good basketball players, but this might take some of the money/influence out of their game, which the FBI might be forcing them to do anyway.

I think what we have now is going to look a lot different in a few years.

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