Link – How LaVar Ball’s new basketball league could actually end up being a good thing

I’ve long been a supporter of a minor-league of sorts for football and basketball where kids who have interest in college can play. So, I’d agree with this:

“If somebody, even LaVar Ball, can create a league that offers a real alternative then maybe schools can go back to focusing on true student-athletes and the country’s best basketball players can focus on being basketball players.”

Unlike college football, which I suspect would see a massive decline in fan interest, and money, if the best football players skipped college, I don’t think fan interest in college basketball would wane significantly. Sure, there’d be less NBA fans watching to check out potential draft picks, but I don’t know how large that audience really is. March Madness would still be March Madness. That has never really been about individual players ass much as it’s been about small schools, the tournament feel, and brackets.

This could end up solving one of the biggest headaches the NCAA has right now, one and done’s and recruiting violations around those players. And they’d have freaking LaVar Ball to thank for it.

Oh the irony.

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