Link – Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks scrutinized over possible violation of NFL concussion policy

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This doesn’t sound like the proper protocol was followed –

“With backup Austin Davis in the game, NBC’s broadcast showed Wilson running to the sideline and then sitting down in the area where the tent would be pulled over him. But Wilson got back up before medical officials had a chance to join him and then replaced Davis after one play.

Wilson was on the field for two more plays before the Seahawks punted. During the change of possession, Wilson again entered the tent and remained there for a longer period of time. He was on the field when the Seahawks regained possession.”

My question is, if the referee invoked his right to send Wilson off for the exam, why didn’t the same referee prevent him from coming back into the game after missing one play? I understand he wasn’t watching to see what happened on the sideline but surely we all know it takes more than one play to examine a player for a concussion, right?

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