Link – UNC Off the Hook for Academic Fraud

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This seems less than ideal….

While the NCAA admitted that there was academic fraud over 18 years in the African Studies program, it determined that it did not have the power to punish the university.

Greg Sankey, commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, said the NCAA could not prove that the courses were “solely created, offered and maintained as an orchestrated effort to benefit student-athletes”—despite the fact that many student athletes did benefit from the courses. The infractions committee, he said, was powerless to punish the university for classes offered to all members of the student body and not student athletes in particular.

So if the NCAA can’t punish UNC because it was academic fraud and not specifically a sports issue, can somebody look into removing UNC’s certification as an academic institute?

I mean sure, they were on probation for a year, but when the University basically admits to doing it on purpose?

This is crazy.

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