Before the Series

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I’ve resisted talking much about the Dodgers here for a simple reason, I just didn’t want to ruin the magic by talking about it. Besides, there wasn’t much to say about it beyond wow. 

Now that we’re here about to start the World Series, I do have some thoughts. 

I saw quite a few folks talk about the Astros series with the Yankees and how good they were at home and how the team was built to play in that ballpark, but the regular season didn’t reflect that. Their away record was better than their home record. 

That being said, the Dodgers were much better at home, so hanging on to home field advantage will be important. 

Looking at the rosters, I think in general the Dodgers are a deeper team. They will be better off turning the Series into a grind, with pinch hitters, lots of relievers, double-switches, etc. If Houston gets 7 plus innings out of Keuchel and Verlander twice, the Dodgers won’t win. Obviously they’ll be better suited to do this at home, without the DH, but even in Houston they will need to continue grinding out at bats, elevating pitch counts and so on. The more players that have to be counted on, the better for LA. 

I see no reason to think they can’t do that. It’s exactly what they’ve been doing in the postseason thus far. 

Dodgers in 6

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