Link – has reportedly lost 88% of its audience after pivoting to video

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This doesn’t surprise me. Just ask yourself one question, how many people read an online sports column in the office? Those people aren’t watching a video. I’m one of them. In addition, I typically will read an article while listening to a podcast or watching TV, again, not a time I want to watch video online. I don’t think media companies get this.

“Earlier this year, the Fox Sports website made a controversial decision to entirely ditch the written word as part of a “pivot to video.” This decision to completely remake the mainstream sports website was part of the larger implosion at Fox Sports with the departure of Jamie Horowitz amidst some fairly serious allegations.

Horowitz also had a key role in the extreme makeover of the website, turning it from a source for news, opinion, and analysis to little more than a highlight page for FS1’s variety of lightly-watched debate shows.”

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