Link – Report: Isles’ arena situation a complicating factor for Tavares

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“In other words, if Tavares wants to know where he’ll be working — and you could hardly blame him for that — this one may come down to the wire.”

Truth is, I can hardly blame him for that. Put yourself in his shoes. Imagine you were being shown an 8 year contract to work for your current employer. That means you are going to be with them for the next 8 years, but they also are working out a relocation plan that might be in Brooklyn, might be elsewhere in New York, or might be Quebec or Seattle? Would you sign the contract or wait to see if there’s more information that might become available before you have to sign it?

I know which one I’d choose. In fact, come next July 1, if the situation was still up in the air and I could choose where I wanted to work, it’d be mighty tempting to go ahead and become a free agent.

As an Islanders fan that’s not what I want to contemplate, but when the supposed “fix” to the Nassau debacle turns into a temporary situation at Barclays with no permanent solution in place, it’s the harsh reality that we are going to have to deal with.


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