Thad Matta Out At Ohio State

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That’s the news this afternoon. Seems extremely odd for a school to fire their basketball coach in June. If they were unhappy with the results why not right at the end of the season when everyone else did it and starting hiring new coaches? 

What are we missing? What does Athletic Director Gene Smith have up his sleeve for the program? 

I guess we’ll see. Matta had a lot of success in his OSU career, but the results over the last couple of seasons have been lackluster, and the roster really hasn’t had the talent fans had gotten used to either. Is that due to  kids leaving early and Matta not being prepared for it, misses in recruiting or coaching? Who knows, but at the end of the day that all falls under Matta. You have to get all of that right to stay competitive year after year in the NCAA. 

It’s a tough job. 

Best of luck Coach. 

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